Personal Training

For a strong, happy and healthy body (and a whole lot more more too)

We believe moving our bodies is something to enjoy. And when there are so many ways to do it, and workouts that can feel GOOD, it needn't be a seen as punishment.

Prioritising exercise is an empowering decision that absolutely anyone can make, whatever their start point. It is a true act of self-care, as well as an investment in yourself and the future. 

 If you want to train to focus on physical and mental wellbeing, perfect. If you have aesthetic goals in mind too and are looking to adapt your body shape and size, we've got you too.


Single session £48

Book 6 Sessions for £45 per session

Book 12 Sessions for £42 per session

*prices include access to recorded content Move Happy on Demand

* prices above apply to training at our Maidenhead studio. Training at an alternative location/at a client's house may involve a small additional charge

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Personal Training with Nicola Porter in Maidenhead

Training with Nicola really is all about you. It is personalised, varied, fun and comes with lots of support to start you (and keep you!) moving happy. It can happen in your own house/garden, in the local park, or in her studio.


Everything starts with a consultation, where we chat through what you want to get out of your training, in order to make a personalised plan to get you there. We'll also look at your current health and activity levels, the time you have to give to training, and how you feel about your relationship to food and exercise. You'll complete a health assessment and any suitable fitness tests aligned with your goals, all of which means we track progress and keep you moving forward (and moving happy!) You'll also be asked to complete a food diary for one week for some support and discussion around nutrition and fuelling to support your training.

Tel. 07709 164778


Working with Nicola was a fantastic experience. I am someone who has never been able to stick to any kind of regime in the past. I have tried things such as joining gyms and using running apps but have never manged to keep it up for more than a couple of weeks. With Nicola it was different. She knew how to set realistic goals for me that were manageable to fit in for a full-time mum like me, but enough of a challenge to stretch me and make a real difference. She also knew how to increase my workout gradually, without it being too much for me. She showed me that I was stronger and fitter than I ever thought and, although it was not my goal to drop a dress size, this happened naturally, without me needing to make any huge changes to my diet or my routine. Working with her made me realise that implementing an exercise routine into my routine doesn't have to be a huge chore. I 100% recommend Move Happy Fitness for anyone! If I can do it, anyone can!

Marina Cruz Del Angel, London