Gale Hubbard

Yoga Teacher

Gale is passionate about the well-being of young people. Her mission is to help them to enjoy and explore the world around them, and also have them realise their own agency and the contribution they can make.

An experienced yoga instructor and school teacher, she has spent over 10 years in education. Gale has worked with children from age 3 to 18 years both in and out of schools, in the UK, Ghana, Romania and New Zealand.

Gale spent time in India completing her Yoga teacher training in 2011 before specialising in Yoga for Children back in the UK. She is also a certified children's mindfulness teacher.

Her classes are designed to support development of both mind and body, and explore the emotional, creative, and problem solving benefits of yoga for children as well as the physical.

Gale runs her own business Yoga Creates where she is based in Bracknell, living with her husband, her son and her puppy.

Gale Hubbard