How to make the most of your Zoom class!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

As fitness classes shift online again for Lockdown 2, it might be a blessing for some and a real struggle for others. But either way, we know we need to keep moving! Thankfully, there are definitely some tricks to maximise the experience of a Zoom class and get the absolute most from it. Here is an 8 point plan to get you there!


Use some of the time you would normally spend travelling to your class to

get set up. Plan to work-out where your wi-fi is strong and the lighting is good. Grab your mat, a drink of water, and push furniture out of the way if necessary to create space. Absolutely do not worry if your house won’t look insta-perfect on screen! Your laundry basket or Lego mountain are welcome to join us too (and will make us all feel at home!) as long as they don’t get in your way.


If you’ve been working at your screen for a while before the class, consider going for a 5 minute walk outside to give your eyes a break and to help you transition mentally from work mode to play mode.


If you have the option of using a computer rather than your mobile, it’s worth the extra few minutes to get set up. Not only do you get a bigger screen to follow, but you can also set your screen up a bit further away so your teacher can get a better view of you. You could even pop that phone on flight mode too to ensure you avoid unwanted disruptions and distractions during class!


Your teacher does want to be able to see you as much as possible during the class so that they can give you feedback and encouragement. If the class starts standing and then moves to the floor, take a moment to move your mat or your screen so you don’t drop out of the picture. Don’t stress about how you look on screen though! We promise we really won’t notice whether you’ve shaved your armpits or put on some Lockdown weight. We are way too busy looking at your posture and how you’re moving so that we can make sure you’re exercising safely and effectively.


‘Pin’ or ‘spotlight’ your teacher so that you get a big, clear picture of them to follow, and don’t waste screen space with views of other participants. You can also be reassured that others will be doing the same, so you can focus on enjoying the class and not worry about being in the spotlight yourself.

6. HELP!

Feel like your teacher is speaking gobbldigook, technology letting you down or the exercise

causing you pain? We normally mute everyone during the class to avoid being interrupted

by background noise, but if you have a question or concern please do holler – chances are

others will also benefit from hearing the answer. Did you know that you can unmute

yourself temporarily if you’re tuning in from a computer by holding down the space bar?


One of the benefits of attending a group exercise class is the chance to connect and catch up with friends. This needn’t be lost on Zoom and we probably need it now more than ever. Don’t be shy about joining a few minutes early to say hello or sticking around afterwards for a natter. Having ‘pinned’ your teacher for the exercises, feel free to return to ‘gallery view’ at the end of the class so you can see everyone and look for familiar faces.


Finally, an advantage of classes going on Zoom is that you have more freedom to enjoy

them how you want to. Perhaps your perfect Pilates class would involve scented candles, a

box of chocolates and a gorgeous naked man reclining a few feet away (off-screen!). Well don’t let us stop you. You’re in your own home, and this is time you’ve set aside for YOU!

So there it is - your 8 point plan to happy Zoom Classes! Enjoy.

Amy x

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