Your February schedule

A plan to keep you moving all the way through lockdown.
Our range of invigorating exercise options will challenge your body, motivate your mind, and improve your overall fitness and health.

Due to restrictions, classes remain online for February. Zoom links will be sent on booking. We look forward to returning to in-person classes as soon as possible!

Monday 9.30am

Forget Bootcamp - this is so much more! Using resistance loops to work every muscle of your body, this class has it all – improve your cardio, strengthen and tone at the same time! Also high intensity doesn’t have to mean high impact – you can get your heart rate up AND keep your feet on the ground (30 minute class)

Monday 8.15pm

Kickstart your week with this class that combines everything you need in terms of strength AND cardio AND flexibility work. Each time we will focus on traditional kettlebells moves, using time intervals, then rest, repeat and progress the circuit. No jumping around in between - we show up, we get it done, and then we get on with the rest of our day! (30 minute class)

Tuesday 7.00pm

Are you ready to break a sweat, build strength and feel amazed at what your body can do? This is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for maximum burn! We've got challenges and modifications for every level

Tuesday 12.30pm
Thursday 7.45pm

It's all about balance, posture, and that all important core. A focus on joint mobility, alignment and strength, this class is perfect for your overall fitness as well as complementing other forms training. And we'll have you leaving feeling totally relaxed and balanced. Mmm.... (Tuesday 45 minute class, Thursday 60 minute class)

Friday 9.30am

Sunday 9.00am

A full body strength workout that will have you coming back for more! Mixing some new moves with some old favourites, this workout will build coordination, connection between body and mind, and get your heart rate going. Oh, and your core is going to know all about it too… (30 minute class)

Sunday, 8pm

It's time to slow down and reward those hard working muscles! We love running and strength training, but intense workouts can leave us tight and if we don't take care also vulnerable to injury. Join us for series of stretches to improve flexibility and re-balance key muscle groups, enabling more effortless and efficient performance in the activities you love! (30 minutes)


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