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Kids and Teen Yoga

At Move Happy we're all about moving to support both body and mind, and now we're offering something for the young people in your lives too.

These classes include a combination of yoga postures, breath play, mindfulness practice and relaxation.


Tailored to help develop bodies and minds, classes are themed and appropriate to each age group, allowing children and young people to explore their senses and imaginations in a non-competitive and fun environment.  


Benefits of Yoga for children and young people

While the postures support physical development by increasing flexibility and strength, breathing exercises encourage children to use their full lung capacity. 

Breathing exercises also offer techniques to increase energy levels as well as decrease anxiety or stress. Participants begin to see the connection between breath and mood, which encourages ownership of their emotions. Classes include group and partner poses to encourage positive interaction.

All yoga postures are inspired by the natural world around us, which  provide a great opportunity to introduce facts and ideas about plant life and the animal kingdom. 

For young children, Yoga will also the allow development of a scientific vocabulary, naming our bones and muscles.


Open communication is encouraged as well as opportunity for each participant to share their thoughts, ideas or emotions.

Move Happy Kids Yoga is led by experienced teacher and educator Gale Hubbard.

As always, Move Happy Fitness and our instructors run sessions in line with all Government and Industry guidance related to COVID-19.

In offering these classes we recognise our duty to safeguard and promote children's welfare. Find our Child Protection Policy Statement here.


The next courses begin after Easter holidays 2022. Please email to enquire for spaces or join the waiting list

  • 10-week after school club, Summer Term 2022 Thursdays 3.25 to 4.10pm

    Started Apr 28

    70 British pounds
  • 6 week course runs from 9th June 2022. Thursdays 4.25 - 5.10pm

    Starts Jun 9

    45 British pounds